The Race

I once was a PE teacher for a small Christian school in Colorado.  With that position came a stream of coaching assignments.  I loved the job and coaching.  Until I was wrangled into coaching track. I knew nothing about track! The team was co-ed with a high hormonal teen boy and girl combination.  I learned a lot that season… Continue reading The Race


I Need That!

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I was struck with mixed emotions as December lingered around the corner.  My granddaughter Lenni was watching her favorite cartoons one morning while we relaxed in our condo in Myrtle Beach, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  Every commercial break was filled with advertisements for toys.  When Lenni noticed the advertisement the first… Continue reading I Need That!


The Writers’ Playroom: Meet the Play Group

Once upon a time, there lived a little band of word lovers. They met almost monthly in an old fire station community room, where a tiny diffuser spewed fragrance from frankincense and orange essential oils in a valiant attempt to chase away the musty odor.  Sometimes the noise of firefighters training in the adjoining room… Continue reading The Writers’ Playroom: Meet the Play Group