The Writers’ Playroom: Meet the Play Group

Once upon a time, there lived a little band of word lovers. They met almost monthly in an old fire station community room, where a tiny diffuser spewed fragrance from frankincense and orange essential oils in a valiant attempt to chase away the musty odor.  Sometimes the noise of firefighters training in the adjoining room forced the writers to use their loudest voices but they were not deterred. Their goal was summed up in the simple declaration:

Write Now! Of Central Aurora exists to encourage, inspire, sharpen, and push forward word crafters to turn thoughts, dreams, and talk of writing into something concrete that will encourage, inspire, sharpen, and push forward those God has placed into our sphere of influence.

Through the piecing together and sharing of words, the group quickly discovered the power of accountability. Though they mostly penned for the fun of it, they were passionate. Unfortunately, they had found that procrastination often pinned down passion when it came to creating sentences and paragraphs and stories. Other duties bossed the creative gene right into silence.

Creativity stole back the scepter when the storytellers recognized the power of a safe and consistent place to share. After about ten months of meeting together, they tossed around the idea of a blog to share some of their ramblings with a slightly bigger audience. The Writers’ Playroom is the result.   -Marie

Here are snapshots of who “we” are:




When she isn’t looking for misplaced items, Marie can be found working in an inner city high school. Mom to six adult children, she enjoys reading, giggling with her 4 Grand Blessings, hiking, and camping alongside her handsome husband of 31 years.  Her great affinity for books, notebooks, and pens means guests usually have to move a stack in order to find a seat.

Marie craves words and beautifully crafted sentences the way some people crave chocolate, coffee, or in the case of her youngest grandson, cars. (Cars is pretty much the answer to any question she asks him.)  She has been writing in her head for decades, and in recent years some of those words have spilled out into notebooks and blog posts.

And always, Marie strives to live out her life verse: Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy in the God of my salvation. 



Teddy bears and lipstick. Two words that describe the chaotic mix of Alyssa’s life. When she’s not chasing after her three kiddos – ages 3, 4, and 5 – or spending time with her husband, you will often find her engrossed in a book or jotting down the images that run through her head.

Born a lover of words,  her desire is to spin them in a way that reflects the beautiful character of her Savior. She hopes to encourage, provoke thoughts and spark conversations.



Linda is a writer, teacher, and loving wife to James, her husband of 10 years. Linda is one of nine siblings and has a passion for researching and writing about family history – which is believed to include Frederick Douglass.

Linda lives in Denver and loves to hike and explore Colorado with her husband. This year her biggest triumph was conquering the Manitou Incline in Manitou Springs, Colorado.



Nancy’s writings are driven by her desire to help others. Her writings, her public speaking, presentations, and trainings are her calling to help others.

As a retried educator and educational administrator, she founded Anchor Consultation and Care, fulfilling her desire to help families and folks with disabilities live their best lives.

Nancy’s writings are a glimpse of who she is, a devoted wife, loving mom, and according to her granddaughter a hip, “crunchy” grandma who loves life and writing about it.

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