When God Takes a Walk

Lightin in desert

When God takes a walk

The earth awakens and trembles

Great waters rock and reel

barely able to contain themselves

sometimes – they do overflow

Mountains shake

bellies boil with excitement

It is a wonder when God takes a walk

Demons rush out and away

confusion – traffic jams – flaring tempers

Designed so we don’t look up

God is walking toward us

He is always walking toward us

Eyes fixed on us

Heaven responds

thunder and lightning


fast and furious

We run

heads down

umbrellas up

He covers the homeless

protects them from harm

His eyes on the runaway

whereabouts always known

He speaks to the lonely and depressed in a whisper

He searches for His servants

He does not find them

Sits in every pew

every pulpit

He weeps and weeps

He goes to dry places

Sandstorms rise up

They swirl and run

Trees bend backward and forward

bow in reverence

uproot themselves

He looks straight through the earth

brings forth life

shows off His beauty

Real estate my foot!!

The earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof

It cannot be bought or sold!!!

When God takes a walk

bodies line up

function as designed

Those weak from depravity

lie down and die

Yet – with His command

death looses its grip

The dead are alive once more

When God takes a walk

He picks up withered branches

gently places them in His arms

to take back home

When God takes a walk

The oppressed rise up with new strength

Justice is brought forth

hands reach up to worship and praise

He bathes them with the oil of gladness

He goes to the nursing homes and hospitals

His servants are not there

Again, He weeps

Seek God and find Him

God is taking a walk right now!

Look up!

Lift up your heart and hands!

Wave to Him!

Praise Him!

Lift up your voice in joy!

Dance, Dance, Dance!

Stomp you feet!

Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice!

Our God is an AWESOME God!






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